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Specialists in video surveillance and access control systems


Complete design, installation and technical support services

Does your facility have video, audio monitoring or access control? We can provide a full range of security options all within an in-house service center. Our low prices are backed by unsurpassed equipment knowledge, installation experience and application expertise.

Today, network cameras make video surveillance more powerful and effective, giving you the ability to access the video from computer networks or the internet using your web browser. If you have an existing cabled system, it too can be incorporated into the IP network (keeping your upgrade costs lower).

Audio Monitoring

Designed to interface with your video servers, IP network cameras and DVR's. It may be used as a stand alone unit and is also available in either a one-way or two-way listen and talk.

Access Control

Installed so your property is under your careful watch, at your fingertips, at your convenience!

Advantages of video surveillance and our industry expertise

In these tough economic times, we realize that an additional expenditure can be a scary though and perhaps isn't in the budget. The realization of what every officer has to face not only on the meets but also in the station is becoming more of a threat than ever.

Often times people turn to the negative side of judgment and innocent people get hurt in their way. Although there is no fool proof deterrent against crime, whether against another person or property, taking active steps to help secure your property and those on it can "Keep You in Control"

Not to mention, cutting-edge video technology is on the rise has become a priceless tool in all aspects of proving justification in crime whether it's catching a thief, exonerating an officer or a citizen. You can help calm your concerns by knowing that you have that simple system to the most innovative in the industry today and we would be with you all the way.

Video surveillance gives peace of mind that every attempt has been made for the well-being of those on your commercial or residential property.

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